NAHJ President urges new Fusion network to be reflective of all Latinos


Fusion Morning
Photo Courtesy: ABC

Recently Richard Prince’s Journal-ism featured a story “New Fusion Features Light-Skinned Latinos.” NAHJ President Hugo Balta was asked for his reaction on the criticism about the lack of diversity on the morning anchor team at Fusion.

Here’s what Balta had to say:

“I think the observations made (about the talent on Fusion) are valid. I don’t know the extent of their on-camera pool of talent because the network hasn’t launched yet. So, I cannot pass judgment based on the most recent announcement.

I agree that it is in the best interest of not only Fusion, but all media (especially networks solely focus on the Latino community) to be inclusive and reflective of all Latinos. And that means light skinned, dark skinned Latinos. It means Latinos from the more than 20 Spanish speaking countries across the globe. It also means white, black, Asian and other ethnic groups within the Latino community. It means having a good understanding that a Latino in the west coast is very different than the east coast. I hope that these are the type of conversations being had at Fusion and other media outlets as they work on ways to better serve the emerging majority population of the U.S.”

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